Hotel Kokoro
500 meters west of La Palma
La Fortuna, Alajuela, 21007, Costa Rica
CR +506 2479 1222 | USA +1 202 239 5318
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Hotel Kokoro Arenal Volcano

The property is not only blessed with a panoramic view of the Volcano Arenal, it is unique for supporting the natural beauty of flora and fauna found only in the surrounding ecosystem. ​ With careful consideration of the natural environment, each of the rustic-designed eco-villas are family style casonas that offer a stay in complete immersion with inner decor inspired by local materials and folkloric arts. ​

The northern hills of Costa Rica are a microclimate region that is surrounded by lush tropical rainforests and hosts an endless amount of outdoor activities for easy-going adventure travelers.​ ​

As a proud member and protectorate of the national parks of Costa Rica, Hotel Kokoro Arenal Wilderness Retreat is the perfect hideaway garden for nature seekers and those city dwellers who wish to explore, escape and experience a new refreshing environment in the tropics.

The lodging grounds invite guests to dip into the hill-top swimming pool or the golden hot springs, and to explore the private tucked-away rainforest trails stretched throughout the property. ​

Kokoro, from its Japanese meaning, is the inner sense of elements or in more direct terms referring to the 'heart and soul' of a person, place or living creature.

After discovering the meaning of the word, we have found that the name represented what we have incorporated in our daily lives and the life that this region brings to its inhabitants. ​

The hotel has found the inspiration in the beauty of the country from the biodiversity, culture, scenery and its people. We have integrated much into the local 'Tico' way of life, and as a gesture in return, we have created a little heaven on earth for everyone to enjoy.

This affordable boutique hotel aims to provide a stay in a cozy and private setting, with charm, and a service approach prepared in a joyful, attentive, and sustainable way. ​

With our Kokoro 'heartfelt' ways, we aim to revitalize your senses and share with you a vibrant experience in the Costa Rican tropics.

Your beautiful Costa Rican Jungle Escape
Come and enjoy the Costa Rican Jungle with the best views of the Arenel Volcan